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Have you ever felt – why do we need schools in the age of Wikipedia and Google? What is the actual role of a teacher?

IIT JEE Mains | JEE Advanced | CET


Classroom Instructions

Students receive full-time classroom instructions, which help them learn and consolidate their understanding of the subjects.


Students are given full courseware to revise topics back at home. This courseware is a consolidated material with all related subjects included.


Students receive assignments to practice after every class to improve their approach towards problem solving and analytical thinking.

Rationale behind Centum Academy

Centum Academy is a Bangalore based organisation set up by a group of IIT alumni and education enthusiasts that aims to reinvent how education is being imparted in India in general and in higher secondary level in particular. With the concept of "Learning By Doing", we are trying to design and deliver new curriculum models, which are being implemented in schools of Bangalore.

We are driven by objective of empowering students to learn according to their needs and abilities instead of being a part of the regular rat race. Our programs foster innovation, critical thinking, problem solving abilities and inquisitiveness in the young minds in order to facilitate them to be both a contributor as well as a beneficiary of knowledge driven India.

A student is curious. Curious about everything. A subject is never boring or sick - either the teacher is or the students connection with that subject is!

After all, which is a subject unrelated to our perception of the world around us! NONE!

And that's what we ought to show out to the kids!

Education Methodology

What we Offer

Concepts Reinforcement

Our unique methodology is designed to lay a strong conceptual foundation in Mathematics and Science

24x7 Access to Mentors

Waiting for the next class for doubts resolution is a thing of past. We are there exactly when you require us.

Field Trips

Industrial visits to keep the students engaged with day to day technology and industry

Experimental Tool Kits

Fully make the students understands the concepts with really amazing experimental tool kits.



A great platform to inculcate a regime of problem solving. Our Question Of The Day is an incentivised contest to enforce problem solving 

A word by Centum Academy Fraternity

Multiple Dimensions of Learning

Some of our Digital Lectures

Enquiry Form

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